Applications for 2021 are open from April 1, 2021

Deadline is May 15, 2021 (Berlin, 24:00).

The Künstlerhaus Lauenburg (“Artists’ House”) was founded in 1986. Its funding, from the state of Schleswig-Holstein, enables it to grant scholarships in the fields of contemporary visual arts, literature and composition. It offers talented young artists from all over the world the opportunity to complete new projects in an undisturbed working environment and to present them to an interested public. Artists of any age, nationality or place of residence may apply. The Künstlerhaus Lauenburg is characterized by its individual support and the networking of the scholarship holders with each other, as well as with the cultural scene of the metropolitan region of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

The Künstlerhaus is located directly on the bank of the river Elbe, in the middle of the historic old town. Lauenburg is the southernmost town in Schleswig-Holstein, has 12,000 inhabitants, is about 50 km from Hamburg, Lübeck and Schwerin, and 25 km from Lüneburg. The town lies close to the point where four states converge: Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and is on the railway line between Lübeck and Lüneburg. The building was erected in the middle of the last century, listed as a historic monument in 1982 and, after extensive restoration work, gained a new lease of life as the Künstlerhaus in 1986. Since then, more than 200 scholarship holders have lived and worked here.

Starting in 2022, the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg will offer 4 residential fellowships each year in the fields of composition, literature and visual arts, and will award one scholarship in the field of visual arts to an artist by invitation.

Due to extensive construction work at the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, a regular fellowship program with the awarding of residential fellowships will not be possible in 2021.

Instead, a 4-month working grant for one visual artist with a child *or children (0-15 years) will be offered in 2021.

Another fellowship will be awarded by invitation to an artist who deals with site-specific aspects of Lauenburg in his or her artistic work (no application possible).

The Künstlerhaus Lauenburg receives financial support from the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the Duchy of Lauenburg County, the city of Lauenburg and the Förderverein Künstlerhaus Lauenburg/Elbe e.V., which has been running the house under its own auspices since 2009.

Objectives of the Künstlerhaus

The Künstlerhaus Lauenburg is dedicated to supporting artists in the fields of contemporary visual arts, literature and composition, who show the potential to have a career in the art world. Within the framework of its regular fellowship program, it offers a stimulating working environment in which artists, authors and composers can pursue their artistic work far away from the (art) market. Furthermore, with its fellowship and event program, the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg pursues the goal of securing and expanding its important supraregional role as a meeting place for artists, professionals, and those interested in art and culture.

Call for applications 2021 by the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg

We invite applications for a 4-month working fellowship (without residency requirement) for visual artists with children (0-15 years) for the project period July 1 to October 31, 2021. We explicitly welcome visual artists working at the interface of composition and literature.


For the duration of the scholarship, each recipient will receive a monthly grant of 1000,- EUR. Additional funds for material expenses and project-related publications can be applied for with the professional support of the Künstlerhaus, but there is no guarantee of success.

Our expectations of the artist

During the funding period, the grantee is expected to use the time to work productively within the framework of his or her approach and to regularly discuss progress with the artistic direction of the Künstlerhaus. A presentation of the resulting work, or progress of the work, is expected. If necessary, a presentation can take place in the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg.

Furthermore, a presentable gift of work is expected to be made to the Stadtgalerie Künstlerhaus Lauenburg (responsible body Künstlerhaus Lauenburg) as well as a DIN A4 report on the scholarship for the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Application and selection procedure

Professional German and international artists with at least one associated child between the ages of 0-15 can apply for the 2021 Künstlerhaus Lauenburg working scholarship. Responsibility for the child and shared household must be proven before the start of the fellowship (e.g. with a certificate of custody, birth certificate, etc.).

Artists who are studying at the time of starting the fellowship, who receive another fellowship, or who have already received a fellowship from the state of Schleswig-Holstein in the past three years, are not eligible to apply. We welcome applications from outgoing people who actively seek exchange of ideas in their particular areas of artistic competence.

The jury meeting will take place on 27.5.2021.

Call for application::