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Harald Popp, Revisit Lauenburg, 2019 – Photo: Harald Popp


In addition to exhibitions in the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg and the adjacent Stadtgalerie, the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg hosts and organises various visual arts projects in public space.

The projects, productions and exhibitions are diverse, and many of these artistic works are developed for specific places in Lauenburg. Their common aspect is that, by locating them in public space, contemporary art becomes visible and directly tangible for passers-by. This direct participation in artistic activities and in the shaping of urban space invites residents to renew their engagement and identification with their own town.

1. Harald Popp, Revisit Lauenburg, 2019 – Photo: Harald Popp, 2. Lauenburg – Photo: Clemens Behr